Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Brings You To See Me Today?

Welcome! Counseling is a rich and diverse field that serves an even more diverse population of people. The human condition, which is a fancy way of conceptualizing the various aspects of the human experience that includes such factors as meaning, gratification, anxiousness, curiosity, doubt, and spirituality in conjunction with individual factors like ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religiosity make it necessary for professionals to have a rather plenteous "bag-o-tools" to work with when servicing their clients. Enter, counseling theories.
This blog is devoted to the exploration of the expansive area of counseling research regarding theoretical approaches to counseling as well as the broader areas of the profession such as ethics, education, and current developments. These postings are the combined efforts of students currently enrolled in the Masters of Professional Counseling program at Liberty University located in Lynchburg Virginia. Thank you for taking the time to view, comment, and or subscribe. We hope your time with us will enrich your perception and understanding of counseling theories and practice.


Liberty University Center For Counseling And Family Studies



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