Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Systen Therapy

Family Therapy was developed by Virginia Satir. She believed that an open and reciprocal sharing of emotions such as affection, feelings, and love bring the healthy family life.

Caring and acceptance by others are key elements in the relationship with people when they face to the fears and open their hearts. Love and nurturance are the most important healing aspects of therapy.

The goal is to deal with family pain from the dysfunctional relationship such as disappointment and distrust. It can affect the pained marital relationship and dysfunctional parenting. The uses of repetitious, circular and predictable communication patterns influence the way of interacting to achieve balance in relationship.
Satir’s model of family therapy is part of general system theory that describes actions, reactions, and interactions among set of essential variables to accomplish the desired outcome. The desired outcome includes increase self-esteem, provides self-accountability, and moves a person toward congruence between the self and others.

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