Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Person-Centered Theory

Person-Centered Theory is founded by Carl Rogers. The basic premise for this theory is that human beings are inherently good (Murdock, 2013). Person-Centered Theory discusses how human beings enter wholeness when they are truly free to become what he most deeply is. The evil that is brought upon the client is not from the client himself, but from the experiences in the environment that surrounds the client. "The clients are self-directing and able to accept full responsibility for their actions" (2013). Clients have to be in a state of incongruence in order to receive this type of counseling.

I believe that person-centered therapy has many advantages and disadvantages to it. It can be beneficial because it puts the client at the center of the change needed in his or her life. They are not considered "victims" of circumstances, and can bring on the change in their own lives. I like that this theory identifies a healthy person as a congruent person, which means the client's perception of self is consistent with what they experience. Person-centered therapy states that the "good life isa process not a destination" (Murdock,2013). This will give the client a mindset that will allow them to make the change they need in their life.

 The arguments against using this theory is that it is highly optimistic. Jeremiah 17:9 states, "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand that?" As a Christian counselor, we have to look at how we were born into sin. With this mentality, we will be able to use biblical counseling in order for it to be Christ-centered. This can be a big disadvantage as a Christ follower. 

Carl Rogers on Person-Centered Therapy

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  1. Person centered therapy is another one of my favorite theories. I agree that it has it's disadvantages and advantages. I highly agree that it is important for the client to be the center of change they need in their life. Just like other theories and approaches, it is a process and will take time for change to occur. But I could see myself using this theory and believe you have good points about this theory. I also enjoyed the video and feel it gives a little more information and an example of the Person Centered Therapy.